Sunshine Coast Data Cabling

Amos Electrical is able to provide a range of services in both Domestic and Commercial Installations from minor repairs or installs, to major extensions and new construction projects.

For more information or assistance on any of the services listed below please contact our office on (07) 5448 9525 or info@amoselectrical.com.au.

General Electrical and Minor Works

  • Split system air conditioning
  • Lamp replacements
  • Replacement of faulty power points, data points, lights, switches and fans
  • Installation of new power points, data points, lights, switches and fans
  • Smoke alarm installation and testing
  • New circuits for additional equipment
  • Alterations and additions to existing facilities
  • Safety Switch installations
  • Hot water system repair and replacement
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Fault finding on electrical circuits
  • Fault finding on Data and network cabling
  • Breakdown and emergency service

Switchboard and Metering Upgrades

Extending or upgrading your facility, power problems or safety issues are some of the reasons you may require a switchboard or metering upgrade.

Amos Electrical can provide service to:

  • Investigate and report on the suitability of your switchboard infrastructure to meet your existing or future requirements.
  • Provide a Power Logger to measure and record of the voltage, current and power at the installation
  • Assist with the planning and design requirements of your switchboard and metering requirements
  • Provide quality products from recognised manufacturers with a proven track record

Computer/Server Room Setups

The continuous operation of a main computer server is critical to the function, productivity and profitability of most, if not all businesses in the modern era.

Ensuring your electrical backup systems are in place and suitable to your businesses requirements can save considerable time and money in the event of power loss.

Even with “cloud” based systems, where files are stored off site and accessed via the internet, power loss will effect the modem and switch and interrupt the businesses ability to access the “cloud”. Electrical backup systems for “cloud” based networks systems is as important to the function of a business as a main computer server network.

Amos Electrical can provide advice and design of electrical backup systems with various levels of redundancy including:

  • Dual supply ability
  • Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS)
  • Stand-by generator systems

Inspections and testing

Purchasing, leasing or renting a property?

Amos Electrical can provide testing, inspection and reporting on:

  • The condition of the electrical installation
  • The suitability of the existing electrical infrastructure to meet the requirements the expected loads
  • Budgets costs for required repairs or upgrades

New Construction and Major Projects

Having completed a number of large construction projects Amos Electrical has proven ability to complete, often complex, new construction and major projects on time and to the builders and/or clients expectations.

View our Projects and Clients page for details on projects completed by Amos Electrical.

In additional to completing the required installation work, Amos Electrical is able to assist with advice and design at the time of conception through to construction.

Nambour TAFE - Replacing faulty CFS Unit at the Main Switchboard
Nambour TAFE - Replacing faulty CFS Unit at the Main Switchboard
Office power and network points
Office power and network points
Data & Communications cabling testing and fault finding
Data & Communications cabling, testing and fault finding
Fluke Power Logger Installed at Nambour Caravan Park
Fluke Power Logger Installed at Nambour Caravan Park
BUSLINK New Main Switchboard and BUSLINK before Upgrade
Left: BUSLINK New Main Switchboard Right: BUSLINK before upgrade
Split System Air Conditioning Sunshine Coast
Split System Air Conditioning